20000 Working Visa Job in USA

20000 Working Visa Job in USA

The state government is going to provide 20 thousand working visa job for the foreigners. Here is the detail information about 20000 Working Visa Job in USA.

Who can Apply this Vacancy

There is no hard and fast rule for the work permit job in USA but you must follow the normal requirements.

  • No criminal history
  • Your passport must not be with expired visa or over stay in any country.
  • Experience in the related professions

How to apply?

Work permit jobs are sponsored by your employers in USA hence the employer must fulfill the requirements to enroll the foreigners in their organization. The American employer is responsible to meet the required documentation on behalf of employee.

Online Job Application

You can search about the available vacancy in American labor market via internet. When you find the appropriate job according to your knowledge and skills then submit your online job application with CV.

This you can do by creating your job application portal or directly to the web page of the concerned company. Once the employer finds your documents satisfactory for the post then the company will send you an email.

20000 Working Visa Job in USA

America is under going shortage of labors. Hence every year the state government provides work permit visa to the migrant workers. For the fiscal year 2023 US government is going to open additional 20 thousand work permit job for the migrant workers.

Find the details at the end of this article.

I 129 Petition File

While hiring the foreigners the employer must give the evidence that the certain posts are unable to be fulfilled from the domestic labor market. Similarly, the concerned organization must prove that enrolling foreigners will not impact the domestic labor market negatively.

So, submitting all these evidences the private sectors are allowed to hire foreigners in their organization.

Work Permit Permission

None of the migrant workers can work in USA without the legal work permit. Hence it is the obligation of the employer to take the permission from department of labor to hire the foreign workers.

Seasonal Work Permit Visa in USA

There might be high demand of labors in certain season. So, to address this demand the government of United States of America open visa for seasonal worker. This group of people can live and work in USA for six months only. Beside this the seasonal working visa is one time visa. Same person cannot go to America under seasonal visa twice in his life.

H-2A and H-2B Visa

Both of these visas are work permit visa for USA. H-2A visa is for agriculture sectors working visa and H-2B visa is for industrial workers. The visa cost is $429.

We are working for abroad jobs for migrant workers for several years. It is not the page of any agent or manpower company. We are simply sharing the ideas on working visa job for the migrant workers willing to live and work in USA.

Unskilled Jobs

Unskilled jobs do not require any university degree or language test exams results. If you can communicate in basic English language that is enough for unskilled job in USA.

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