America Working Visa Job

United States of America Working Visa Job

The United States of America provides working visa for foreigners. Here we have United States of America Working Visa Job application process.

Apply Online Job

The interested candidates can apply for the US working visa job from here. Before you apply for the visa you need to receive job contract letter from your employer. Similarly your employer must submit petition file on behalf of the employee.

The department of labor gives the approval letter to hire the foreign workers in America based companies.

United States of America Working Visa Job

The state government provides more than fifty thousand temporary working visa in agriculture and industrial sectors. This seasonal working visa is for six months only. How to apply working visa for USA? Get the detail information from our previous articles.

We are providing all kinds of information and notices about abroad job from

Required Documents

There is no hard and fast requirement of academic qualification for the seasonal working visa in agricultural sector workers. However you need the following minimum qualification.

  • Valid passport
  • Two passport size color photographs
  • Contract letter from the employer
  • Petition file given the US government
  • Health report

How to Apply USA Working Visa job?

  • First of all find the job in USA.
  • Submit your online job application for the desire post.
  • Wait for the response from the employer
  • If your qualification and experience is eligible for the applied post you will get the notification.
  • Now your job application process begins from here.
  • Be in touch with your employer and follow the instructions given over there.

Work Permit Visa for USA

United States of America is the dream land of most of the people in the world. Hence people from the world wish to live and work in USA. Work permit visa let you to live and work in America.

Agriculture Sector Seasonal Working Visa

There is acute shortage of labor in agriculture sector in USA. Hence to fulfill this gap the state government and department of labor allow the private companies to enroll foreigners in their organizations.

Just follow the above steps to get the work permit visa for USA.

At the same time if you have any question about US work permit visa job then contact us. Our expert’s team will help you in this regard.

DV Lottery

It is the unique program of US government. Every year America provides more than 50 thousand green card via this dv lottery program. It is the easiest way to get permanent resident card known as green card in USA.

DV Result 2024

EDV 2024 result is now ready to publish. You have wait for couples of week to get the online diversity visa lottery result. The dv winners have to face the visa interview in their respective countries.

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