USA Work Permit Job from Nepal?

How to go USA from Nepal

Hi! Guys are you searching for tips to migrate USA from Nepal? Here we give detail information on “How to go USA from Nepal”?

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In several cases you can make online application for the job in USA.

How to go USA from Nepal?

Today we are going to explain in very simple language on ways to go America from Nepal. Every day hundreds of Nepalese fly for USA. There are mainly two types of visa in America.

  • Nonimmigrant Visa
  • Immigrant Visa

Under these categories there are many kinds of visas.

Different Types of Nonimmigrant US Visas

Purpose of USA VisitVisa Type
Artists, international Athletes and EntertainersP Visa
Skilled and Professional WorkersE – 3
Business and Tourist VisitorsB – 1
Aircraft workersD
Foreign officials and diplomatsA
International organization workers and NATOG-1, G5 and NATO
Teachers and Professors Exchange VisitorsJ-1
Spouse of J1 visa holderJ2
International cultural exchange visitorsJ and Q
Foreign Military Working in USAA-2
International citizens with extra ordinary ability in science, arts and educationO-1
Media persons and journalistsI
Intra Company transfereesL
Visit for Medical TreatmentB-2
 Vocational Study Visitors  M-1

What is visa?

Visa is a legal permission to enter the specified country. Like visa for USA will let you to enter America. Beside some royal visitors every individuals must have visa to travel the foreign countries.

Working Visa Job in USA for Nepali

There is shortage of labor in American labor market. Hence the state government gives permission to the private companies to heir the foreigners in their business organization.

  • How to apply working visa job in USA?
  • What is the total cost of travel?
  • How much can I earn from this job
  • What is the application procedure

We have answered such questions in our previous articles. Hence you can log in and find the complete information about the above questions.

Seasonal Working Visa Job in America

Every year the state government provides thousands of seasonal working visas for foreigners. In this connection Nepali can apply for the work permit visa job in USA.

35000 Seasonal Visas for Foreigners in 2023

In the current fiscal year government of America is going to provide additional 35000 visas for the foreigners. Hence it is an opportunity for the migrant workers from Nepal.

USA Work Visa Eligibility

The entire interested person may not be eligible for US work permit job. Hence you must take online eligibility test before making application. Just give few minutes to know either you can go America or not under working visa.

Documents Required for Work Visa

You have to collect the following documents before applying for work permit visa job in USA.

  • Valid passport
  • Job offer letter from your employer
  • Approval letter from the department of labor in USA.
  • Visa fee paid receipt
  • Other supportive documents.

Dream Destination USA

America is the dream destination for migrant workers all over the world. It is the mega economy in the world. Hence there are enough job opportunities. Similarly the life is secured for the children’s. Hence people are being crazy to live and work in America.

Every day thousands of people in Nepal search about How to go USA from Nepal?

Hence we hope that the article will be useful to this group of people.

Finally we would like to express our best wishes to all the interested Nepali candidates willing to live and work in America.

NB: We strongly would like to suggest all the interested Nepalese to learn more about USA job application process. Similarly, do not believe blindly to the agents or manpower people. More than that, you must study yourself about working visa job in USA.

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