USA Work Visas !!!

How to Get US Working Visa Job

In this article we give exact answer on How to Get US Working Visa Job. Besides being the major destination of the tourist USA is the best hub for employment.  

US Work Visas

There are two ways to get the US employment visa. Hence you have to choose the visa according to your knowledge and experience.

  • Temporary Employee for USA or seasonal working visa job
  • Sponsored work permit visa job or permanent working visa job for America.

 What you find in this article?

As mentioned above we give all the job application process steps in this page. Therefore do not skip the article. Read this article till the end to learn all the procedure for US working visa job. It is easy to fill the online application form for the employment in America.

How to Get US Working Visa Job

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What is the American Work Visa?

The US work permit visa job will let the visa holders to live and work in America for specified period of time. This is temporary work permit visa will not let you to live and work in USA indefinitely. You have to upload all the documents in the online job portal to find the job in USA.

US Work Visa Qualification

There are three preconditioning that individual willing to live and work in America must meet. If you are not able to meet these conditions then you cannot submit the online job application. The minimum required condition to get work visa job are as follow.

  • Job Offer Letter: You have to submit online job application via official job websites. Whenever your application is accepted by US based employers then you will receive job offer letter from the employer. You cannot apply for visa without such job offer letter.
  • Approved Petition file from the Department of Labor

The US based employers must take permission to enroll the foreigners in their organization. Such permission is called Petition file. It means without the permission of the department of labor in USA none of the companies can take foreign workers.

  • Labor Certificate Approval

This is next legal permission from the US department of labor. The employer must provide this certificate for the foreign workers willing to live and work in USA.

US Work Visa Requirements

The following documents are required for working visa job in USA. Someone unable to submit these documents will not be eligible to apply for work permit visa job.

  • Valid passport
  • US visa photograph of specified size
  • DS – 160 confirmation page
  • Original receipt of visa fee payment
  • Proof that you will return to your home country

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