SEE Exam Online Result 2079 !!!

SEE Exam Online Result 2079

SEE Exam Online Result 2079 has published. So, you can check the online result via this page. SEE Result is now available.

SEE Exam Online Result 2079

The office of the controller of examination has published the SEE exam result. The online result with grade sheet is available in the official page of National Examination Board Nepal. Here we give the steps to check the online secondary education exam result.

How to Check SEE Result?

There are several ways to get online SEE exam result. Like SEE result in websites, IVR and SMS. Let us discuss them one by one.

SEE Result in Websites

There are many Nepal government and other private sectors web pages to give online SEE exam result. NEB provides the list of websites giving online SEE exam result just before the result. Hence as soon as it comes we will make it available here.

SEE Result by IVR Method

The users of Nepal Telecom can dial 1600 and follow the instruction given there for the SEE result. However this IVR does not give the grade sheet information. It simply tells your grade only.

SEE Result by Sparrow SMS

All the network users can send sms to 35000 for the result. The detail is at the end of this article about sparrow sms for SEE exam result.

SEE Result 2079

Last two years there was no board exam for SEE students. Due to the pandemic last couple of years students were evaluated by the respective subject teachers. The result based on such internal evaluation was not believable.

More than one thousand students stood on GPA 4 which is really unbelievable. This year SEE batch went on lock down for two years. They did not get proper class room teaching. But at last they faced the board exam. Hence looking at all these year SEE result might not be encouraging for the schools.

New Letter Grading System

At the same time NEB has introduced new letter grading system in SEE and class 12 board exams. The most interesting thing is that student must get minimum 35 percent in theory and 40 percent in practical.

In the past students were evaluated in aggregate. It means if a student got 24 in science practical and 8 in theory he was supposed passed. But according to the new letter grading system it is different. We have explained about it in our previous articles as well.

Students with GPA above 3.6

There was a time in the history of education in Nepal. At that time the board exam at the end of class 10 was called SLC. It was called Iron Gate. Really people used to appear SLC exam for 10 or even 15 times. Similarly pass percent was about 15 to 20 only.

Letter Grading System

Nepal government and office of the controller of examination has introduced letter grading system from 2072 BS. It ruled for six years. Now NEB has changed the rule and grades for SEE students. But before 2072 there was pass or fail system. Students getting 32 or above 32 percent in each subject are passed remaining others are failed.

SEE Paper Marking

Teachers have to go to the paper marking centers. They are now allowed to take the answer papers at home. In the past teachers are allowed to take the SLC answer sheets at home for marking.

One can easily guess the fairness in marking when answer sheets are taken at home.

Name and DOB Correction in SEE Grade Sheet

You students may face the error in the spelling of your name and date of birth. If it happens you can appeal for the correction. Detail procedure we have explained in our previous articles. Hence we are not going to repeat all here. Just check for details.

Finally we would to express our best wishes to all the SEE exam 2078 candidates for the upcoming result.

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