Online DV 2020 Application Form

Online DV 2020 Application Form

Here is Online DV 2020 Application Form. So you can fill the Online DV 2020 Application Form here.

Read the DV lottery instruction before filling the online form.

DV 2020 Important Instructions

It is wise to read these dv instructions before filling the online EDV form. Every year thousands of dv lottery forms are being disqualified. Hence we suggest you to read these instructions before filling the online form.

  • Do not add the photograph of ineligible people in the application form.
  • Provide the correct size DV photograph.
  • Read the other instructions properly before the online application.

Online DV 2020 Application Form

You can easily fill the online dv form from here. If you have any more questions about dv lottery application contact us. Our expert team is always ready to help you. It is better to submit the online DV form as early as possible.

Deadline for DV 2020 online Application

DV 2020 began from 3 October 2018. Now people are very much busy to fill the online EDV form. We have been giving the all kinds of DV lottery notices for many years. So this is the next notice for DV interested people all over the world.

How to Fill DV Lottery Form from Android Mobile

Well if you have android mobile phone then you can fill the EDV form yourself. Just go to the official page of diversity visa lottery to fill the online form.

We have several articles about the step by step process to fill EDV 2020. So we suggest all the interested people to follow our previous articles for this purpose.

Last Date for DV 2020 Application

The last date for edv 2020 application is 6 November 2018. However we suggest all the interested people to make the application as early as possible. It is because the probability of winning the lottery is high for early application.

More Information about EDV 2020

The above are the most important points to remember for dv application. Beside this we suggest all the applicants not to fill the application form twice with the same people as main applicants.

Finally we would like to express very best of luck for the DV lottery 2020 applicants.


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