Nepal Election 2074 Latest Updates

Nepal Election 2074 Latest Updates

Here is Nepal Election 2074 Latest Updates. So in these Nepal Election 2074 Latest Updates we have sample ballots and voters identity card as well.

Nepal Election 2074 Latest Updates

Nepal has already observed local level election 2074. There is provincial assembly and house of representative election in near future. So here we provide the latest updates of the election 2074. Basically we focus the NRN i.e. nonresidential Nepali around the world. These groups of people though they are not in Nepal but their heart are in Nepal itself. Therefore they are always looking for the information about Nepal and Nepali people.

Nepal Provincial Election 2017

The provincial election 2017 will in two phases in Nepal. The first phase election is going to occur in November 26 in thirty two districts. Whereas the second phase election will on December 7 in rest of the districts. According to Nepal election commission the election preparation is going well. So here in this blog we will provide the timely updates of vote counting results and many more about Nepal election 2074.

House of Representative Election 2074

This house of representative election will also in the same date and time of provincial election 2017. So the only difference is the ballot paper. The voter will cast the votes for both provincial and house of representative at the same time in the same booth.

Live Vote Counting of Federal Election

Here is live vote counting of provincial and house of representative election 2074. We provide hourly updates of this vote counting in this article. Therefore just follow us in social network to get current vote counting result of the Federal election 2017.

75 Districts Voters List

Check your name in the voter list. Is your name included in this federal election 2074 or not? Find it just by single click. It is very easy to find your voter identity card over here. So just follow the normal procedure to find your voter identity card.

We have separate article to find the voter identity card. So we suggest you all to visit our previous article for more detail about voter ID card 2074.


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