NEB Exam Routine 2075 Science Management is out. So you can download the NEB Exam Routine 2075 Science Management from here.

NEB Exam Routine 2075 Science Management

National examination board has published the NEB Exam Routine 2075 Science Management last week. Here we have the copy of NEB Exam Routine 2075 Science Management in this page.

This time the exam timetable for both class 11 and class 12 is published in the same page. The Gorkhapatra has published the exam routine last Friday. The same copy of Gorkhapatra is attached here.

How to Prepare the Board Exam?

We have several articles related to the exam preparation. Basically we focus on the memory power. How to increase the memory power is the big challenge for the student. So we give the tips for the students about the exam preparation. These tips are collected from various online sources. Similarly we have included the ideas of our expert team as well.

These are the basic tips for the students so we would like to suggest you to believe on your hard work at most. However the tips mentioned here are equally useful for the students during the exam preparation.

How to increase the memory power?

There are different scientific ways of learning. These techniques certainly help you to increase your memory power. We have the detail about the memory power increasing tips in our previous articles. So we will not repeat the same thing over here. Therefore if you wish to go through these articles please refer our previous articles.

Grade 11 and Grade 12 board Exam Result

Are you looking for the board exam results of grade 11 and grade 12? Then you are in correct destination. We have all faculties’ online result over here. Hence we suggest all the students to check their online result over here.

Finally we would like to express our best wishes to all the board exam students for their grand success.