France Army Job for Nepali – French Army Job

France Army Job

There is great opportunity for Nepali in France Army Job. Many Nepali youths are interested in France Army Job.

So here provide the details required for the selection of French Army Job.

Selection process begins when you reach to France. However you can see the official website given below for further information.

Eligibility for France Army Job

The selection process of France Army Job is quite flexible as compared to British and Indian army.

How to make Online Application  for French Army

So, if you are not qualified for British army, Singapore police or Indian army still there is chance for you to join French army.

Following are the basic requirements to join French Army Job.

  • Your age must be below 40 years.
  • You must not be involved in any criminal activities.
  • Married can also apply for French army job.

All the Selection Process Begins in France itself so first get Visa for France

State Government DV 2021 Application Notice

This year DV lottery Online application begins from the 2nd of October 2019. The detail notice of state government is given below.

For More Details See the Official Website 

Steps for the French Army Job Application

There are no any official agents for French army job in Nepal. So if somebody asks for money for the job application it may be fraud.

So you have to first reach France for the selection process.

Basically it is the chance for the people living in France.

Online Application Form for French Army Job 

You have to face several steps interview for the visa. Finally when you get visa for France you will be kept in a camp during the selection process.

In the selection period you will  get lodging and fooding from France government.

Benefits of France Army Job

When you serve in French army for 5 years we will be eligible for the application of permanent resident visa.

There are many Nepalese living in France after completing the French army job.

We have discussed in length in our previous article related to France army. So for more details you can refer that article.

The Official Page for French Army Application

Similarly if you still have some confusion please leave your queries in the comment box below. We expert team will try to solve it as soon as possible.

It is easy to join France army. You have to make for France visa as the first step.

There is no other ways to join the French army. So we want to make you clear that you cannot apply for the army job from the French embassy.


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